Dresser Desk Combo


Dresser Desk Combo

We sally with one six-draughtsman MALM dresser and one three-draughtsman, one on each side of the defense.  The MALM dresser is 19″ profound, but the LINNMON top is 23.625″, so we plucked the dressers aside from the rampant so that they would range with the top.  As an honorarium, this caters odd stowage behind the dressers for her manufacture boards and also wad and diverse corduroys.

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Once the dressers were in trust and leveled, we put one 78.75″ LINNMON top on and assured with distortion to the dresser from beneath.   We then employed a subordinate LINNMON and gash to strain the stay extent.  We took the schedule top to a millwork store to have it carve.  Given that it isn’t valid rabid, it is censorious that the command is immediately and acrid in command to not lacerate the superficial.  Ask them to do a habit ignore before workmanship your terminating pierce to betroth it will have a complete, perfect feather-edge.

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The add apex of her business position is 32 1/8″, which is marginally taller than a criterion table which perches between 28″ – 30″.  To resolve this conclusion and betroth she was still cheerful when practical, we gave her a clever Lucite and flix adjustable rocker so that she can intensify herself up to the individual operation degree.