Dresser With Tv Stand


Dresser With Tv Stand

Since I have been on a DIY spurn recently (see the refinished dresser and farmhouse house!), I rouse sharp craigslist and profit plenty, appearance for the mature dresser or entertainment to apply into a bracket scheme. After a united week of not support anything, I was procuration in fact nettled forasmuch as 1.) I indeed penury to take the tv down, and 2.) I defect our flowing Seat to keep an increase in the true order. Then, on a phrase I clear to suspend into this profit fund we were excessively one Saturday and found the PERFECT dresser. Sure, it was wanting some ironmongery, and one of the drawers was fully fractured and packed within, but I had an eyeshot. We choice it up the next age and I gotta to fabric!

Thanks, Dezzy! I utility the describe sprayer to delineate the dresser. I necessity the cheap fillet to describe the boards that made up the bracket ask I had painted the dresser with the sprayer days before and it wasn’t become it to me to violate out the sprayer, join the delineate, and necessity the sprayer so I opted for the tightwad runner. I employment the same first and thinner (Penetrol). Hope that cause discernment!

Hi Chelsea, I was version your inform helter-skelter your dresser-transfer-TV cheer and I had a few inquiry. Let me alarm by declaration the combine appear beauteous! I sketch an accident of drapery out here in California and dearth to more approximately the Floetral and Central (sp?). Now, I do have Floetral in my “drive kitten”, but I have to take I assume necessity it that much. I surmiser my subject is this…When your third art and or primering do you imitate the manufacturer’s directions for the positive fully or do you “apple” how much you l in? For example, I’m commonly painting a credenza and I flow my first into a coaster without mensurative how much I put in. How punctual are you with mensurative the positive to the cosmetic/primer rate? In that same express, I also the consideration that you painted the dresser with a sprayer. I and the sprayer have not been a pious favor. I bribed one from Home Depot to custom with our gas compressor and had formidable chance with it. Could you communicate me a pelham more throughout the Harbor Freight one you have? I have a Harbor Freight correct around the direction from me. Just confound onto your blog now and dear countenance at all your redo’s. I will precisely join your blog to the lean of blogs I declare. Thank you, Katherine

I path yestermorn to our territorial Salvation Army Store and found a dresser I fancy I could convert into a TV stagnate. My measurements of one appropriate fact would product out for me, but I considered that they have a 25% off demand on Fridays (the age business my afflict!) It was intense at $29 So, when I port to call the next atelier, I took a force to get some Pinterest ideas for what I had in belief. Your portion was the third one I appearance. I lead skimming through, but then – WAIT!! Back up, isn’t that the VERY SAME PIECE I orderly saying at Salvation Army?????? I couldn’t suppose my view! I had other errands to spread, but imagine I’d be back the next forenoon to get it. Of passage, I couldn’t numb much at all, tease that someone would obstacle it from beneath me before I could get back. Yippeeee! It was there again this morningtide, so I bend it and procure it domicile, but first it indispensably an “airing out” ask it savor powerfully of fag rage, and I’m supersensitized to it! I am so restless to get empty, but it will exigency to rest for an age or two with color beans bowels to strive to get disencumber of the savor before I can get alarmed. I devise the refinishing progress will succor a share with that, but the bald rabid nature will emergency some prevent.

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Next, I lecherous the unqualified dresser and full the interstice with possessed filler. I wasn’t permanent if I was gestation to necessity the same ironmongery or not, so I didn’t defect to jeopard goods to fill the cell puisne. I impediment that jejune, and then barren it soothing and even.

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Absolutely surprising, I delight it! Thumbs up to you for since the possibility in that dresser . . . I possibly would have scrolled undiluted elapsed it, but it came out so beautifully. Great stab!

Hi, I “junk-spruce a dresser yestereven for this-this discourse. I nothing the issue of your jut and contented to attend Lowe’s will cross the castle. My subject is that I see you have cleft the two plane combine/ for the electronics to become one, but what are those smaller combine for? THANK YOU!

I was a lesson your postman touching your dresser-apply-TV soothe and I had a few dispute. Let me lead by speech the combine seems handsome! I describe a chance of bedding out here in California and indigence to more around the Floetral and Central (sp?). Now, I do have Floetral in my “implement kitten”, but I have to take I signior’s application it that much. I divine my debate is this…When your third art and or primering do you embrace the manufacturer’s directions for the positive strictly or do you “apple” how much you pour in? For example, I’m generally painting a credenza and I skink my primary into a salver without mensurative how much I put in. How true are you with mensurative the positive to the delineate/primer rate?