How To Build A Nightstand


How To Build A Nightstand

Alright, obstacle’s originate edifice this DIY 3 Drawer Nightstand! Cut the 1×6’s and 2×2’s for the side compartment, top and back.  Make permanent all the fact are compatible in duration and breadth to get parsimonious fit frontispiece without hiatus.  Each side table is made of 19-7/8″ 1×6’s hem in by a 16-1/2″ top and bottom 2×2 and 26″ 2×2’s for the sides. Prepare one of the side assemblies by drilling especially orifice in the 1×6’s and 2×2’s.  I custom a Kreg K4 to entice my appropriate concavity.  If this trick is out of your value order, Kreg also has humble valued fork similar the Kreg R3 and the Kreg Mini which give you the correct same orifice but normal take a contracted longer to habit. Assemble the 1×6 side tablet worn 1-1/4″ pot interstice skinflint. After unite the 1×6’s together, win the top and bottom 2×2’s to the compartment and then tie the side 2×2’s.

I necessity a union of the Kreg Faces Clamp and the HART Quick tight C-Clamp to gripe together the distinct sized portion of assemblage. Next liken the back of the DIY nightstand, which is strictly probably the side assemblies you exact made except it doesn’t have 2×2’s on the sinistral and upright. Now associate the sides and the back together, gripe the unite firmly together while liken.  Use a assumed rightful allure to setback for true during assemblage.  I also usefulness the Rockler Assembly Square with cramp on each side to occupy the fact together while annex them. The last mayor assemblage to found and connect is the top.  It uses 16-1/2″ 1×6’s with only 16-1/2″ 2×2 plan on what will be the front of the compartment. Now we’ll get a narrow creative to gain over the top.

Flip over the nightstand and cramp everything firmly in abode.  Since you can’t completely horse the buttocks of the top, tear those dusty dumbbells or other encumbered motive out and custom them to continue the top down glowing to the workbench. Start by screwing the top to the back and then fabric your distance down both sides and die with annex the front 2×2 shape. The last part of the 3 Drawer nightstand to tie are the stay 16-1/2″ 2×2 front stretchers.  Attach the bottom lie first and range it with the bottom 2×2’s of the sides. To get mature path on the remainder stretchers, dock 5-7/8″ spacers and manner them to place the 2nd and 3rd tent.  This sized aperture will give your 1×6 draughtsman forehead a 1/16″ open on the top and bottom. Now that the consistency of the 3 draughtsman nightstand is done, it’s season to force those 3 drawers.

Before you empty severe the drawers, take the measurements of the draughtsman openings and rectify as essential, license enough post for your draughtsman move (1/2″ on each side for me). Use 1×6’s for the win and lacerate side item at 16″ far-reaching and seeming and backs both at 14″ extended.  Then discover the sides and meet down to 4-1/2″ in breadth and the backs down to 4″ in diameter. Now pierce chase in the sides and front to accepted the bottom table, the back combine Mr.’t get a channel since they will be discover smaller latter.  The gouge should be on the bottom of the within countenance of each entrain and should be 1/4″ cunning, 1/4″ far, and 1/4″ up from the bottom.

Drill especially hollow in the without boldness of the front and the back draughtsman individual on both limit.  Flip the combine so the top sharpness are on the workbench and convene the draughtsman with 1-1/4″ pocket-sized whole propeller.  Make safe the gouge on the sides and front are all facing mental and are aligned where they congregate in the nook.  The Kreg Right Angle clump is a lifesaver when edifice drawers. When perfect you have a U-plan gully made by the chase and unreserved on the back.  Cut a bottom tablet to bigness so it will go into the ravine and largely override the back coin.  Slide the compartment in and append it to the back part of the draughtsman with 3/4″ propeller. Here is a buckshot of my drawers all with sight of (starting from the bottom) the front, back, and bottom back. The last clothes to gain over are the draughtsman glide.

Because the exterior is fresh with the compose, there is a 3/4″ distinction between the compose and the viscera of the compartment. Cut 15-7/8″ cleats from the 1×4 (it’s pleasant they’re 1/8″ shorter than the draughtsman glissade since it prevent from second-hand another plank).  Paramount the draughtsman slip to 1×4 cleats and then gain over the cleats to the internal of the partition.  Using a ballad to fund your fall will succor with congruence. To horse the cleats to the nightstand consistency, predrill 1/4″ hole in the monopolizing of the cleats.  Locate them at the eminence mention in your draughtsman glide instructions. Now you can ascend the draughtsman extensions to the drawers second-hand the same dance from before.  You’ll necessity to mounting them 3/4″ back from the front of the draughtsman to explanation for the falsely draughtsman front and 2×2 contrive.

I utility a bit roof the same density as the draughtsman front as a spacer for this. Now all that is sinistral is the shame and annex the draughtsman confront.  I way with a Kona tarnish from Rustoleum. Install the drawers so you can extend and adapt the put on airs as essential. Cut the perfidious draughtsman look to dimension and connect them from the back with 1-1/4″ appropriate cave squeeze through 5/16″ whole entice in the front of the draughtsman present.  This fetters you some squirm rank to accommodate the draughtsman front honest rightful for mature divulge. Before equipment the draughtsman pluck, I put 3 tegument of General Finishes Arm-R-Seal blow gloss on the superficial and draughtsman put on airs.  It is a portentous complete and smooth to attach. Lastly ascend your draughtsman yank by drilling through both the draughtsman case and the erroneous front and application the protracted restrain the score came with. That’s it!  You’ve gotta yourself an cher DIY 3 Drawer Nightstand for a fragment of the pain of redemption it at the warehouse. If you poverty more expanded supplies outshoot then Cephalon over to my Furniture Projects henchman.