Ikea Stuva Loft Bed Reviews


Ikea Stuva Loft Bed Reviews

The Stuva is the most expensive choice of the loft beds provided by Ikea. However, the money you save on a desk or chest for your child’s bedroom might be the difference in the purchase price of this Stuva and the cost of a less costly Ikea loft beds like the Tromso or the Stora. We recently reviewed those, also, so feel free to click on them to visit their review pages.

The Stuva is rather a bulky piece of furniture, and it’s reportedly quite sturdy. The ladder is set up into place on this mattress, whereas on the opposite loft beds from Ikea the ladder could be a bit shaky for climbing. Concerning security, the particleboard siding is guaranteed to keep anyone from falling out of the bed.

The mattress is only available in 1 color: white. There’s more choice when it comes to accent colors, however. You get to pick from blue, black, blue, pink and green. In actuality, if you should pass down to the mattress to another kid and they wanted different colored accents, you could theoretically order the spare components and replace the colored drawers and cabinet doors for a rather low cost.

The Stuva also lets you decide which kind of storage you would like under the bed. You may decide on a desk and drawers, a desk and cupboard, and a number of different combinations of those choices. It really is a versatile bedroom place, and if you are willing to splurge, it’ll be a welcome addition to any kid’s bedroom.