The Truth About Simmons Mattress Company


Simmons Mattress Company

There are simply a few individuals who whine about mattress sagging in a few years. Latex mattresses are usually thought to be the longest-lasting mattresses out there. A superb latex mattress should last at least 15 decades and will most likely last as long as you will need to keep it.

Simmons Mattress Company Secrets

The company was established in 1870 and is among the earliest companies of its type in the united states. The organization also utilizes the most recent technology, cloth, and manufacturing processes which are second-to-none. Simmons Mattress Company has changed into a household name when it has to do with sleeping products.

When lying on a traditional mattress the mattress will produce pressure on a lot of distinct regions of the body like your knees, hips, back, shoulders and arms, leaving some sections of your body unsupported. Simmons mattresses persist for a lengthy time, normally 10-15 decades. The Simmons Kids mattress employs the identical technology as mature Simmons mattresses, but are specially created for kids and teens.

Traditionally, mattresses were created with sleeping substances on each side. Simmons mattress is just another famed company that’s been supplying mattresses and sleep systems for more than 135 decades. Any Simmons mattress that utilizes the pocket coil technology is known as a Simmons Beautyrest.